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Shining Star Aussies is a dedicated Oklahoma Australian Shepherds program producing Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds with the look, instincts, personality, and companionship that one is accustomed to in the regular Australian Shepherd.  The only difference is the size variation.  Though our Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds are small in stature, they have a big heart and are enthusiastic at pleasing their master.
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Below are some comments from our clients:
January 24, 2010
Thanks for the great picture!  We are loving our puppy, Slate.  He is so sweet and is fitting in great with our family.  We feel like you really helped us choose the right puppy for our family.  The puppy kit that you sent home was very helpful, and it is apparent that Slate was well cared for from birth until we received him.  The fact that you wouldn't release him to us until after he had clearance from a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, was comforting as well.  The shot records were also very complete.  We felt you genuinely care about each dog you breed and raise.

We will send you some good pictures of him soon, he is growing quickly and his demeanor is excellent.  He is very trainable and well behaved!  Thanks so much for you interest in Slate, and we would gladly recommend your breeding to anyone.

Thanks!     Gina Clark
January 15, 2010

Dear Patti-

We took the puppy to the vet this morning and he passed with flying colors.  In fact the Vet that examined him asked us to please tell you that she NEVER before examined a new puppy in such excellent condition.  She said you certainly did a great job.  ...

The puppy is adjusting very well to his new surroundings and one of the attached pictures shows he is picking out favorite places to "Hang Out."  ...

We will certainly keep you informed as to his progress and will include new pictures.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful bundle of joy.

Sincerely, Cay and Dick Ralph
February 1, 2010

I am writing on behalf of our new puppy which we named Gunner.  He has been a very good dog and my two year old and eleven year old spend lots of time playing with Gunner.  He has been a well minded dog and has had a few mistakes in the house but he is only a little over three months.  Gunner for the most part goes to the puppy pad if we slip up and miss the opportunity to take him outside to use the potty he is really good about this and I am very happy that he does this.  I say this because we received him and he seemed to know what was the right thing to do.  We are lucky to have gotten him and found out that he had been worked with some on going to the potty.  ... 

We are very pleased with Patricia and all that she done for us in the process of receiving Gunner.  He had all his papers which showed us he had made plenty of trips to the vet and was healthier that we expected.  She sent some food and some recommendations of foods that we should feed him.  We were glad to see this which helped us choose a food to help control his health and happiness.  My family and I were very pleased and frankly tickled to have received Gunner.  The anticipation drove us crazy up to the day we got him.  He is very loved and in return I think he Loves Us!

Thank you very much!
Yours truly,  The Rutherfords    (Henry, Jody, Caitlin, and Emma
June 17, 2010

Dear Mrs. Pattie

       Finn was everything I expected and more. He is a playful, energetic, stubborn and loving little guy that my whole family adores. One day after he arrived I took him to the vet. I heard nothing but complements about him. Also, the vet mentioned that the breeder that I got the puppy from took real good care of him. So far Finn is doing great; I think he’s happy and most importantly healthy. I would like to thank you for everything and wish you the best.


                       Sincerely Eva B.

July 2, 2010

Hey Patti....Sorry we have not been in touch earlier.  Been a crazy summer.  We have had camera problems but will get a pix as soon as we get it back from the shop.  Our newest member, Rio, is an absolute delight.  Not only is he beautiful and obviously well taken care of, but he is also personality plus!  We have already taught him many tricks in the few weeks we have had him and he is such a love bug, enjoys the constant attention and love he gets from the five children.  The Vet confirmed what you told us, healthy, healthy, healthy!!!  We truly feel fortunate to have found you.  Your incredible help and patience with me while we waited to receive Rio was exceptional.  The fact that you put our little guy on the plane early due to the weather the day AFTER you had already traveled four hours to the airport, speaks volumes of your commitment as a breeder to the families you touch. Thank you, thank you! We would happily recommend you to anyone who is interested in an Aussie.  In fact, don't be surprised if you hear from us in the near future to get Rio a brother or sister :)  Thank you again for your incredible devotion.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Cheers, Leslie Ryan and family
June 16, 2010
Dear Patti,

We wanted to thank you for our beautiful pup, "Finley".  From the time we put down the deposit, you have been great with answering all of our questions, and sending us updated pictures along the way...which we were always eager to get!

Let me tell you what a joy Finley has been!  He fits in well here, and has become great buddies with our 7 month old Aussie, Toby.  He is so well behaved, and is quite the confident little guy.  He is a great combination of love and kisses...and can mix it up also.   Between his wonderful personality, and his beautiful markings, it's no wonder that everyone stops and asks about him!

We have begun training Finley, and he is quite intelligent.  He catches on quickly, and wants to please.  We look forward to doing agility with him.

Thanks again for doing such a great job ensuring a strong start for Finley...it definitely shows.

We will continue to keep in touch, and will send you pictures along the way!

                                                                                        Julie Repp
January 15, 2011

Hi here is Mary Rose Gamboa, my classroom aide, receiving Chica. Love at first sight! Thank you so much!
The only hitch in the whole procedure was the rain in San Diego, which stacked planes over the airport, and we
had to wait anxiously for 40 minutes before receiving Chica. We were so sure the plane would leave and go back
to Dallas!
My sister, of course, fell in love with Chica, and arranged for her own puppy!
Thank you so much for making such thoughtful arrangements. My sister told me Paypal was ok for her. I could'a done that! Genie
January 15, 2011

We really appreciate our dog and the way u took care of him.  He is everything u said he was and more.  I would recommend your litters to anyone looking for a good family pet, and talk about him to everyone who ask about our Jacoby. 
Thank you - from the Flores family
January 12, 2011

“ My wife and I have been life long dog lovers.  We recently purchased a new puppy, (Mini Australian Shepherd) from Shining Star Kennels, and it has been a wonderful experience!!!  Our puppy is awesome.  She is very healthy, and well adjusted.  She is learning so fast, she follows us almost everywhere, and she has adjusted to our other dogs very easily and with great confidence.  She has a good appetite, and has already learned (after 3 days) to use the doggy door to go out and back in.  She is truly a joy to have as part of our family.   I doubt that we could have found a better dog anywhere else, and I am sure that we could not have found a better Kennel to do business with.  Patti Moore was very understanding about the whole process, and we found we could call her anytime we had a question, or concern.  She adjusted to our busy holiday schedule, and shipped our puppy when it was a good fit for us.  She even called us on the day our puppy was shipped to advise us the plane was running 20 minutes late.  This type of caring service is almost unheard of today.  We would recommend Shining Star Kennels to anyone whom would want a Mini Australian Shepherd to become part of there family.
Ted and Gloria McKee  

                                                                  May 8, 2011
                                                                  Subject:  Happy Mother's Day Libbey!

                                                                  Dear Patty,

                                                     Cozy Dog asked that we write on his behalf to wish Libbey and you a "Happy  Mother's  Day."  He had his first birthday on March 31st and I'm sending a photo.  We couldn't be happier with him.  He was neutered at six months, as you said to do, and recovered so fast I was a little disappointed ( I thought -- "whew! we'll have a quiet day or two!"  hahaha).  He's completed his Beginner and Intermediate Obedience Training at Petsmart, and the trainer invited him to go into the Advanced classes, which we're looking into for the summer.  He can sit, stay, down, roll over, shake, and twirl.  He loves "Disc Doggy" -- throwing the Frisbee ---- and will take two Frisbees out the back door.  He's only recently gotten very good.  Yesterday he ran the back yard from end to end for 8 consecutive catches, dropping a Frisbee as flew past me each way.  He's so smart he figured out how to open the baby-gate at the kitchen about a month ago ----- we used to keep him in the kitchen (it's big) all day while we were at work.  He liked to play with the gate and the pedal, and one night he shut US in!
Well, I could go on and on, but he's about as perfect a dog as I could wish.  He needs a playmate closer to his own age, however(our other dog is now 15 and he herds her mercilessly!!!!), so we were wondering if you could put us on your mailing list for new litters?  We're thinking it might be better to wait until he gets through his "tweens" and wait until the summer of 2012, but Marie asked me to ask your advice on what gender, and whether it might not make things easier if Cozy was a full 2 years old before introducing another Aussie pup into the household. 

Thanks again,    Mark & Marie & Cozy Dog Irwin

P.S. We've never missed a day on the Nu-Vet pills.  He's as healthy as he could be.
Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi Patty---

I hope you had a good summer.  Bridget and I wanted to send you an update on "Murphy".  He is everything we could have imagined in a puppy.  We are so thankful that we found Shining Star Aussies.  Everywhere we go people stop us and ask us about Murphy.  He is so smart, so well behaved, very healthy, very well mannered, and great with kids, people, and other dogs.  We have taken him to the vet for neutering, microchip, and regular checkups and every time he gets glowing remarks on his health and his demeanor.  He graduated puppy school in August and I am not exaggerating when I say he was a favorite in the class.  It is crazy because his personality is such that he gets along with all dogs of all shapes and sizes and all people, but listens to us when we give him commands .... which makes our job as first time puppy owners very easy.  I don't mean to sound obnoxious by going on and on about Murphy but I am not kidding when I say he has made owning a puppy very easy. 

This experience with you and with Murphy has been great and as such we will be looking to purchase a little girl puppy from you sometime in May.  We can't thank you enough for Murphy.  He truly is a blessing and a perfect addition to our family.  Attached is a photo taken in August of Murphy.   

All the best,

Tim, Bridget, and Murphy McNamara