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At Shining Star Aussies we strive to have a foundation bloodline that will enhance your breeding program or be an outstanding family pet.  We carefully hand select each breeding striving for good temperaments, good confirmation, strong and ample bone blending with balance throughout our puppies.  We also strive for herding instinct abilities in all of our dogs, both male and female.  At Shining Star Aussies we work diligently on preserving the "Aussie" look in our offspring.  We want each and every puppy from our program to be an outstanding addition to their "WIGGLY-BUTT" family and consider each and every customer an extension of the Patti and Douglas Hall family.

Presenting:  Pocket's Give Me Liberty

"Libbey" was acquired from Boottop Aussies this past summer.  She is out of International Champion Southern Cross What's Your Alibi ("Leroy") and Pockets Raven Beauty ("Raven").  Her daddy was a red merle and her momma was a black tri.  "Libbey" stands 15 3/8" tall.

She is a beautiful blue merle female.  She has a very loving personality and enjoys gazing in my eyes with her head on my chest.  She is very alert, charismatic, and quite a clown.  When she "wiggles her butt", her whole body shakes with happiness.
"Libbey" was shown as a puppy in IABCA and received her national and international puppy titles.

We are very thankful to Cindy Shaykett of Boottop Aussies for allowing us to obtain such an outstanding female for our foundation bloodline.

Presenting:  Boottop Kiss Me My Mitzi

"Mitzi" is a black tri toy female.  She is 11 13/16" tall.  She was born on 5/28/2008.  She has been shown extensively in both IABCA and APRI show venues.  She has acquired her national and international puppy titles and her national adult title in IABCA.  In APRI she has acquired her champion title and has two legs towards her prominent champion title. 

Her sire is Pockets Raven For Rosewood (Woody) and her dam is Pockets Kiss Me Quick. 
"Mitzi" has such a great loving personality.  She wants to always please and is perfectly happy either sleeping at her master's feet or strutting her stuff in the show ring.  She has wonderful length of body, a beautiful coat, and outstanding balance.  She has good shoulder angulations and has a free and easy gait. 

We are so pleased to have her in our breeding program not only for her size but for the outstanding attributes that she has to pass onto her offspring.  We are anxiously looking forward to a Spring 2010 litter of a mating with Boottop Merle MacArthur!

Presenting:  Boottop Can't Touch Me Tootsie

"Tootsie" is a black tri toy female.  Her height is 13 5/8" tall and she was born on March 28, 2009.  She is extremely outgoing, loves people, and very structurally correct.  She has a lot of length and balance.  Her ear set is beautiful and her gait is quite impressive.  "Tootsie's" sire is Rose Acres Kaboom and her dam is Coat Tails Mena.  Mena is a toy and Kaboom is a miniature aussie.  "Tootsie has been shown in IABCA and on her first showing received rave reviews and won her puppy national and international titles.  She won best of breed puppy twice and received second in the herding group just in her first showing! We are so pleased to have her in our female arsenal and feel like she will be an outstanding addition in our breeding female program.  Tootsie has won numerous Best of Breed Toy Aussie medals in the International All Breed Canine Assoc. (IABCA) show ring.  She is now a Ehren Champion in that show venue also.  Tootsie has received her Champion title in America's Pet Registry Show venue also.

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Presenting:  Pockets Luv That Sippin' Brandy
We are extremely proud to have acquired this beautiful female Miniature Aussie puppy from Ruth Vanderhoof of Pocket Aussies in OR.  Brandy is a beautiful red merle.  She has a very passionate personality for loving her master.  She is always happy and so very excited to give her owner love.  Her conformation is impecable and her grace of movement has been admired by show judges as well as other breeders who have witnessed it.  Her height is 15" tall and she was born on April 12, 2009.  Her sire is Southern Cross What's Your Alibi and her dam is TMR Whiskey girl.  Brandy acheived her National and International Puppy titles in the IABCA show ring and now as an adult has received her national and International Adult titles as well.  She also hass her Champion title in America's Pet Registry Show program.

We are anticipating great offspring from her outstanding genetics!!!  Look for them in the upcoming months.
Presenting:  Shining Star Belle of the Ball
Bella was born on October 16, 2009.  She is Libbey's daughter.  We are so happy to have her in our family.  Her outstanding attributes is her length, bone, breed character, personality, and thickness.  Need we say more?    She is a beautiful red tri puppy.  Her daddy is Rose Acres Kaboom. She is a small miniature Aussie. Look at her expression!!

Watch for her in the show ring at Spring 2010 shows.
Introducing:  Pockets Kiss Me Quick
Recently we were able to acquire this outstanding female from Boottop Aussies.  Quick is a wonderful addition to our female lineup.  She is deep bodied, moves with grace and has a superior temperament and personality.  You could not ask for a sweeter dog.  She is obedient, attentive and is always greeting everyone with a wiggly little butt.  Quick has received her National and International adult titles in the IABCA show ring.

She was born on August 25, 2005.  Her sire is Schuldawn Blake and her mom is Waggin Tail Easy Blue.  Her height is 15 inches.

Thank you so much Jim and Cindy Shaykett of Boottop Aussies for allowing us to have Quick in our Shining Star family of outstanding quality females.
Check the puppies for sale page for Quick's puppies.
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