Why A Contract?
The reason for a reputable breeder to request the new owner to sign a written contract whether buying a “pet” or “show quality/breeding” dog or puppy is this. It is not because the breeder wants to reduce competition in the show ring or in the sales of their particular breed thus forcing prices upward for their product. It is because a reputable breeder is trying to keep the breed in the best shape possible and to ensure that the genetics that have been so carefully bred for are preserved. Irresponsible breeding practices cause trouble for many different kinds of domesticated animals, not just dogs--but problems with genetically based deafness, blindness, problems with hip dysplasia, and all sorts of breed-specific “nasties” are spread widely through individual breeds because of careless practices.

A good responsible breeder sells any dog or puppy that has not met their standard for inclusion in their breeding program as a “pet quality” canine. At that point they will require the new owner to spay or neuter the animal when the time is appropriate.  A reputable breeder sells any dog or puppy that are the most promising canines as “show/breeding” quality. They will compare them to stringent requirements of their own values plus the requirements of the respective breed standard, and pass them through a series of tests. They don’t compromise the breed by allowing any dog that isn’t going to provide something special to enhance their respective breed, to be sold as a breeding animal or one that will be disrespectful of the breeds characteristics or qualities to be shown.  A breeder’s kennel is most likely permanently attached forever to the dog, especially since the prefix of the dog’s name will have the breeders’ name attached to it.  In this case it will be: Shining Star __Dog’s name _________ . A responsible breeder will take pride in their kennel name and their reputation.

If the new owner knows specifically what they want in their breeding program or what specifics they need in their breeding stock, a good breeder will be able to come far closer to your ideal that you are searching for, have the resources you are looking for, or will be able to direct you to another breeder who will. A reputable breeder’s methods of selecting stock are much wider, and much better informed than yours will be, and they should have the track record to prove it.
One important factor that you MUST keep in mind whenever researching for a dog or puppy is that:  yes, the dogs or puppies are expensive, but a good, responsible breeder who will stand behind their product is DEFINITELY worth it.  At Shining Star Aussies we pride our kennel on this philosophy and strive to keep our clientele “wagging their tails” in delight long after the sale is completed.
Patricia Moore-Hall & Douglas Hall

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